Scuola Creativa

A school for young children inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to education, located in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Our Programs

How are we inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach?

  • Relationships among children, families and staff are the foundation of the school community
  • Children’s ideas and interests influence the curriculum
  • Curriculum is inquiry-based and focuses on collaborative project work 
  • The classroom space is thoughtfully designed
  • Teachers observe and reflect on children’s work
  • Teachers document children’s learning and development through photos, work samples, written reflections and more
  • Our work is anchored in democratic values 

Hear what families have to say about Scuola Creativa

“I’m a parent of two bicultural children, ages 5 and 2, and enrolling at Scuola has opened my eyes to an uncompromising standard of empathy and community I never thought an early childhood program could achieve. It’s been a privilege to be part of a school where the culture is kindness first, not only towards the children and staff within its walls, but to the world at large. With the support of her teachers and tight-knit cohort, my two year old is self-motivated to communicate her curiosity and has grown confident connecting the dots she gathers. The staff is attentive, professional, and open to dialogue. I’m so grateful for such a solid trustworthy space, not only for my child but for our family.” – Jennifer Song Castro

“After a year of immense change in our lives, Scuola ended up being our soft place to land. We were so excited to find a school that aligned with what was important to us. Smaller than average teacher-to-student ratios, lots of creativity and fun while always staying safe, a daily rhythm that provides structure to the day, and caring teachers that are truly invested in his growth. The best part for us is seeing our son thrive and having so much fun. Scuola Creativa truly feels like an extension of our home.” – Melanie Chandruang

“I am the grandma of Léo Jack, a student in the Robin Room at Scuola Creativa. This is Leo’s second year at Scuola, his first was in the Chickadees Room with Teacher Katie at the helm. As a Reggio Emilia Approach to Early Childhood educator for the last twenty-eight years, I was beyond thrilled to know that Scuola Creativa existed and that my grandson would have the opportunity to attend. Visiting this exceptional educational community and having the chance to spend time in the classroom has brought me pure joy. The coziness and warmth of the school and classroom environments, which seamlessly bridges home to school, allows students to feel safe, secure and available for learning. The materials and experiences offered to the children are inviting and engaging and help promote their curiosity, creativity and critical thinking. The teachers and administrators consistently show respect for students’ ideas, their different learning styles and social/emotional well-being. They listen and respond to the students’ needs with intent and patience and offer a variety of modalities (music, song, visual arts, building, etc) for them to express their knowledge of concepts and ideas. I am so thrilled that my grandson is attending Scuola Creativa, an extraordinary place where young children are active participants in their own learning and where each student is seen as competent, curious and filled with potential.” – Lisa Schaeffer

“We love Scuola Creativa. It’s the best place on earth. We would live there if we could!” – Lena Stevens and Sre Yeddula