Inquiry-Based Education for Young Children

At Scuola Creativa, we are committed to a dynamic learning experience for young children, families and staff. In a society where education has largely become standardized, with a heavy focus on rote learning and closed-ended activities, we look to offer something entirely different. Our curriculum cultivates curiosity and creativity, critical thinking and problem solving. Inquiry-based learning means we pay attention to children’s interests, questions and theories about the world and we build curriculum around our observations. This approach often results in ongoing investigations and/or projects that allow children and teachers to dive deep into an area of study. 

We engage children in higher-level cognitive processes, beyond typical teacher-directed lessons and memorization of facts. Today’s children will inhabit a very different world than the current one. We thus need critical thinkers with flexible minds, who know how to collaborate across differences.

Enrollment for the upcoming summer program and fall school year begins in the spring. Inquire or join our waitlist today!

What does tuition include?

Tuition rates are listed below for the 2024-25 school year. Tuition includes the 9am – 3pm school day, healthy lunch and snacks, diapers and wipes. 

A few other important notes:

  • Before and after school care is available for an additional fee. 
  • Tuition payment plans allow tuition to be paid monthly or bi-monthly in accordance with family preferences. 
  • Families who discontinue care before the end of the school year pay the equivalent of two weeks’ tuition after withdrawal.
View the 2023-2024 Scuola Creativa calendar here.
The Nest Toddler Programs
Two Days
Three Days
Four Days
Five Days
Ages 1-2, Chickadees
$1,129 per month
$1,355 per month
$1,763 per month
Ages 2-3, Robins
$1,046 per month
$1,260 per month
$1,638 per month
The Meadow
Preschool Programs
Two Days
Three Days
Four Days
Five Days
Ages 3-4, Dragonflies
$963 per month
$1,165 per month
$1,510 per month
Ages 4-5, Monarchs
$880 per month
$1,070 per month
$1,385 per month
Extended Day (Latchkey Program)
Two Days
Three Days
Four Days
Five Days
Before Care 8:30 - 9:00
$100 per month
$150 per month
$200 per month
$250 per month
After Care 3:15 - 5:30
$300 per month
$400 per month
$500 per month
$600 per month


Food & Mealtime Culture

Mealtime is an important part of the children’s daily learning experience at Scuola. It’s an opportunity to explore new foods, discover new flavors, and connect with others around the table. It’s a time to practice taking turns talking and listening, passing and sharing food.

We follow the Division of Responsibility, as developed by Ellyn Satter, in which adults decide the what, when, and where of meals and children decide the how (whether or not to eat and how much to eat). We respect the child’s right to decide how much they consume; we never pressure or coerce children to eat. Children help clean up their spills, with teacher support, and clear their dishes at the end of snack time and meals. 

All meals are provided as part of tuition. Our chef oversees the menu and prepares lunch fresh every day.